A S**tload of Showers

Buffalo Gap Campground, North Dakota - July 04, 2019

© Ryan Thompson

Happy Fourth of July. I took today to just rest and get myself together for the long haul to Montana. I took a total of four showers and cleaned out the van a bit. $6.00 campsite had me spoiled and the showers just kept coming because of I didn’t know when I was going to be able to have a real shower again. Buffalo Gap Campground is a wonderful site. Glen the host seems like a guy that has multiple hours of stories that he could be telling you if you let him. He was pretty stern about the respect to him, the campsite and the other campers there. He was telling me that others have came and thought that they owned the place by playing their music loudly all day. He was sure to put an end to that as soon as he possibly could. The campsite is right next to the Man Hah Dey trail, which spans through North Dakota for about 80 miles. The bike trail went up and down the rolling plains crossing multiple rivers and dirt roads. I went biking and did about 11 miles one-way and then came back due to the little clean water that I did have. After that I talked to some of my neighbors about some places that they thought I should travel to and they told me to stay out of the National Parks as much as I can. They seemed to have the same quality of life that I have and have been traveling in their van for the past 20 years. They gave me hints about staying outside the National Parks and stay in the National Forests that surround the parks.

Mile - 2134