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Gallatin National Forest, Montana - July 9, 2019

© Ryan Thompson

Second Day here in Gallatin National Forest I went back into Bozeman to get some groceries and refill the van. After that I went mountain biking in Red Canyon. The trails around here are really wonderful. They seem to be all hiking trails but mountains bikes, horses, and motorized vehicles use them. The trails were very steep and a bit tough going up to the top but I knew that when I came back down they were going to be awesome. The trails aren’t really made for biking and were a bit rutted from the dirt bikes and horse travel but I knew it was going to be fun on the way down for sure. Four miles of some nice single track and didn’t have anything stopping me except for a group of people that seemed to be panning for gold. The Views of Red Canyon were out of a movie though; they overlooked Hebgen Lake and the surrounding country almost able to see Yellowstone out in the horizon. The mountains seemed to just spring up out of nowhere. Large Cliff Faces and steep sides to every peak were covered in tall pine trees at the bottoms of these mountains. The water running down the hills is crystal clear and there is snow still residing on some of the peaks.

Mile - 2202