Ryan Thompson / Fixtures International


I designed and fully developed a custom website showcasing woodwork by a store fixture supplier in Texas, as well as an eCommerce site. I fully developed this site using HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Google Maps API, and Shopify.

Fixtures International is a custom store fixture supplier from Austin, Texas, that was looking for someone to redesign their outdated website and eCommerce site. They wanted something with a fresh new design that showcased their recent works.

I worked alone with the president of the company to help get an idea of what the company wanted for their new website. We came up with certain aspects that they wanted to be highlighted and we used colors and typefaces from their logo to create a certain vibe for the website.

From start to finish this site was designed and developed by me. I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google Fonts, Google Maps API, and Bootstrap for the layout, to develop the site. For easy access, I set them up with a Shopify eCommerce site that matched the website.